Frequently Asked Questions

About our Proposition

It will help you maintain your clients longer by making their life easier, providing a best practise way of working as well as making your relationship more valuable by storing and managing their assets for them.

Yes. Account managers should find the platform really useful to manage their client relationship in one place as well as make briefing and proofing easier for everyone.

Creatives will find uploading and managing amends easier and faster.

Production will find the DAM an easy way to archive files and assets against the correct job.

Clients will find briefing quicker and easier with the added benefit of a better detailed brief as a result. Access to all their files, images and jobs within the DAM (Digital Asset Management) will make their jobs easier not just for working with you but with other parts of their supply chain too.

There are no contracts and no commitments. You simply pay for each month that you work with each client. If you lose that client or they or you decide not to work together in this manner, simply turn it off and you will only be charged for the month you are in.

We almost always provide you with a free trial for every client you have. Why? Well not all clients work or think the same. Some may love to work in this manner and some may not. Therefore, you can set up all your clients with a free trial and see how you and they get on. No stress, no risk and no cost.

About our Platform

It all starts with a job. This can carry an automated price from a pre-agreed matrix or just proceed without a price.

The platform allows you to create briefing templates that can utilise images and web links to make them more visual and easier to write for each type of job.

Once received and accepted you can work on the creative, upload proofs onto the platform for all stakeholders to view from any Internet enabled device.

They can comment and annotate straight onto the image and notify other stakeholders of their amends. Once a new version of the proof is uploaded the previous version is locked to make sure all stakeholders are working on the correct version, yet old versions can still be viewed.

All comments and collaboration within a job are managed within a similar timeline environment to base camp. Again all of this activity is indelible so as to keep a watertight account of everything that has been done and said within the job.

Once the job is approved it can be uploaded into the DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform for safe storage and easy access for others.

agency247 is cloud based and can be accessed by any Internet enabled device via most web browsers. It comes ready to use with generic libraries and briefing templates already set up for you. You can start to tweak these as you go to generate better results specific to each one of your clients.

Very simple indeed! If you can order a book on amazon you can use agency247. It really is easy to get started and working with the ready populated briefing templates. You will soon get the hang of adding your own unique questions and tweaking them for each client to make it perfect for your needs and theirs. Adding a file or image to the DAM is simple as uploading an image to your own computer.

Yes. You can add as many clients to your portal as you like. You can alter the briefing templates and customise their DAM libraries, filters and options to suit your needs.

We believe so, and we’ve put a lot of work & logic into ensuring this is the case.

Firstly, we automatically force https:// protocols on our core domains for any browser requests.

All passwords and sensitive data is encrypted in our database using the latest one-way hashing algorithms.

Our servers are provisioned on the AWS infrastructure, so both physical & digital security are top level.

All our customer data files that have been uploaded are held on servers physically located in the European Union

agency247 is hosted in the cloud and therefore is accessed via any web browser with internet access. However, to be able to fully utilise all the functionality you will need an up to date web browser that is fully HTML5 enabled.

About our Business

Agency247 is a trading name of Pixel BBQ Limited. We’re not a big multinational, more so a very passionate bunch of people living and working in Derbyshire UK. You can learn more about us at